In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still by Tuấn Mami

HÀ NAM, VIỆT NAM | September 2015 – December 2016

In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still studies the ruthless transformation of the landscape and ecosystem in the artist’s hometown in Hà Nam province as a consequence of rapid and unsustainable industrialisation. With the arrival of mining companies over the last 10 years, the inhabitants here have suffered from repeated environmental crises, and have been forced to self-teach new life skills. Land erosion, loss of biodiversity and contamination of soil and water have resulted in several traditional means of making a living – such as farming and hunting – being abolished. With this project, Tuấn Mami reveals a scene marked by conflict and makes visible the unspoken – unheard reality of his land and people.

Exhibition: 6 – 21 January 2017 | 9AM – 5PM Monday – Sunday
Venue: Heritage Space
Address: Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyễn Hoàng, Mỹ Đình 2, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội 1


Exhibition Views