Nguyễn Trần Nam

Born in 1979, Nguyền Trần Nam is one of the second-wave contemporary artists in Hà Nội closely associated with Nhà Sàn Collective. Since graduating from the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts in 2003, Trần Nam has been producing a diverse body of multimedia work, which takes inspiration from his own experience coming from a working-class family, growing up in the countryside of Hưng Yên province and later migrating to the city to study painting. At times dark and at others playful and sarcastic, his work makes visible both past and present-day social, political and historical issues in Việt Nam, while highlighting individual tales of human relationships among people of different social groups.

Exhibitions of his work include Come to [what] end? (Sàn Art, HCMC, 2015), The Broken Chapters (Manzi Art Space, Hà Nội, 2014), Skylines With Flying People 2 (Japan Foundation, Hà Nội, 2012), Hinterland (Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2012), Năm năm (Hà Nội, 2012), Gap (Nhà Sàn Studio, Hà Nội, 2010), Indefinitely (Ryllega Gallery, Hà Nội, 2008) etc.

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