The Man With The Red Nails by Trương Minh Quý

LANGEAIS, FRANCE | June 2015 – June 2016

The Man with the Red Nails describes the partially dreamt, partially real experience of exile of a man with no memory, played by Trương Minh Quý himself. His journey begins when he wakes up by the Loire riverbank in France and realises he no longer remembers anything. The character is adrift in a strange city, searching for a way to survive and find his identify. The film becomes a hypothetical space in which all borders in the construction of character and narrative, along with concepts of gender, nationality, geographical distances, culture and language, are blurred.

Opening: 3PM Saturday 3 December 2016
Exhibition: 4 – 25 December 2016 | 8AM – 5PM Monday – Sunday
Venue: MAM-Art Projects by CUC Gallery
Address: 5th Floor, Vietnam’s Women Museum, 36 Lý Thường Kiệt, Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hà Nội


Exhibition Views