Border’s Other Dimensions by Nguyễn Trần Nam

QUẢNG TRỊ, BÌNH THUẬN & CAO BẰNG, VIỆT NAM | December 2015 – June 2016

Border’s Other Dimensions by Nguyễn Trần Nam focuses on a specific set of events, places and times that played a crucial role in the (dis)formation of present day Việt Nam. Looking at a variety of territorial borders and the spatial, socio-political and psychological transformations, mutations and divisions created by them, the project offers an examination of the production of history and politics in Việt Nam.

Opening: 6PM Friday 18 November 2016
Exhibition: 19 November – 18 December 2016 | 3PM – 7PM Wednesday – Sunday
Venue: Nhà Sàn Collective
Address: 15th Floor, Hanoi Creative City, 1 Lương Yên, Hai Bà Trưng dist., Hà Nội


Date: 3 March – 7 April 2017
Address: Dia Projects/ MoT+++, Saigon Domaine, Ground Floor, 1057 Binh Quoi, Ward 29, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Exhibition Views