Nguyễn Phương Linh

Born in 1985, Nguyễn Phương Linh is a Hà Nội-based multidisciplinary artist whose practice spans video, sculpture and installation. Her choice of materials (including salt, dust and rubber fragments) and research interests deal with the transformation of geopolitical landscapes, human manipulation of nature, and alternative historical perspectives of modern Việt Nam.

As the co-founder and co-director of Nhà Sàn Collective, Phương Linh is regarded as an emerging talent among Việt Nam’s contemporary art-makers. She has participated in various international exhibitions and art projects in Asia, Europe and the US. 2016 promises to be a breakout year for Phương Linh with her latest work featured at the Kuandu Biennale and the Singapore Biennale.

More about Phương Linh:

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