Knowledge Exchange

SKYLINES 3 expands the scope of the previous two SKYLINE editions by broadening the parameters of artistic practice, extending to the fields of social and human sciences and furthering opportunities of possible collaborations by working with national and international museums, institutes and education organisations. The outcome of these partnerships is KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE – a seminar series fostering multilateral dialogues between the creative, the academic and the public.

Over two millenniums ago, Plato defined knowledge as “nothing other than perception” (Plato, 369 BC. Theaetetus, D1:151d8-e4). Taking this statement as its foundation, KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE is looking to create a space for dialogue and collaboration across different disciplines and communities, so as to generate new and diverse methods of knowledge-production and –circulation. Additionally, KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE aspires to promote the role of contemporary art in Vietnamese society today.

KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE is taking place between March and December 2016. Joining in this series are SKYLINE 3’s participating artists as well as scholars in the fields of history, literature, anthropology, archaeology and sociology from Việt Nam, Hong Kong, Denmark, Germany and the US.