Nguyễn Ban Ga

Born in 1979, Nguyễn Ban Ga studied at the Việt Nam University of Fine Arts and is now living and working in Hà Nội. Ban Ga is one of the founders of Hanoi Link – a collective of young video artists, and an active member of Nhà Sàn Collective. Ban Ga also works at Hà Nội DOCLAB – Centre of Documentary and Experimental film located at the Goethe Institut, where he teaches short courses on filmmaking.

Although video art is his primary medium, Ban Ga also works with painting and performance art to express his perspective on issues that contemporary Vietnamese society is facing. His current work explores the impact of political ideology and attempts to make sense of the influences that have been imposed on Việt Nam both organically as a result of occurrence like migration and globalisation and deliberately by policy making and political decisions.

Project in Skylines 3